Tuesday, May 30, 2017

#ARC Review || No Ordinary Fairy by Claire Davon

No Ordinary Fairy by Claire Davon
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March 15, 2017
ARC via NetGalley

Mysterious. Magnetic. Deadly. And his only hope.

When the new guy in town blows into Pani’s pet shop, bristling with impatience as icy as the Wyoming winter, she knows instantly he’s not there to buy dog food. She also knows exactly what he is. A cougar shifter. An apex predator not unlike herself.

Rafe Anderson needs help, which isn’t easy for a cat to admit. Not only has his dog mysteriously vanished, so has his ability to shift. The only creature who can find both is Pani, a woman the local coyote pack warned him to avoid. But he’s desperate—and running out of time. The longer his cat is caged, the closer he edges to insanity.

As a Vila, a fairy with the power to enchant men, even to their death, Pani has never dared reveal her true self, much less fallen in love. But something about Rafe’s fiery green eyes and uncommon vulnerability calls to her. And his touch tells her the feeling is mutual.

Desire rolls over them like thunder, but their search uncovers a dangerous secret that could turn everything to ashes…and bring destruction howling down upon all shifter kind.

Short, sweet, but so not for me.

No Ordinary Fairy by Claire Davon chronicles the dynamics of Pani, a bad to the bone fairy, and Rafe, a cougar shifter. While Pani’s fairy self has a thirst for blood, her more human self is an animal lover who is always on the run. She strives to keep her small, furry family safe and draw as little attention to herself as possible. When cougar shifter Rafe come stumbling into her shop, moaning and groaning about his lost pooch, Pani knows that she’s pretty much the only one that can help his kitty cat self.

From there we go on a romancing journey where people are more than they seem: hearts will be melted and magic will be had.

I did melt. Furthermore, I even liked the magical elements of the book. However, had I known how short it would feel I probably would have skipped over the book. I love short stories and novellas as much as I do full length. That being said, I still want the full novel feel when I’m reading it’s much, much shorter companion.

This book just did not hit that mark. I was left with undeveloped personalities and- while not insta-love- a love that was fallen into much too quickly to be believable. I love the idea of looking for a lost part of one’s self, ancient things waking up inside a person, monsters, and folk lore. No Ordinary Fairy had all of that…but it felt rushed.

Safe to say, I wasn’t here for it.  

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