Monday, June 5, 2017

Pull Up that Beach Chair and Settle in With These Books

Y'all, I'm typing this with aching muscles. I remember why I made it my job to avoid working out for those high school years. I'm so tired that I may actually keel over. If I do, y'al are free to have your pick of my books. Loving homes are necessary.


I need a nap.


I've been on a lordy i just dont feel like reviewing binge for quite some time now. I have various ways of avoiding that responsibility. Mainly Wattpad. In the last two weeks of school and into the first week of break, I've easily read 20+ books on it. I also scour the Kindle freebies like a bird of prey cashing after a mouse in a wheat field.

Sometimes I dive and catch it only to be disappointed with the size (it's a small mouse; it's a disappointing book) and still hungry. Other times, I get the PERFECT mouse (it's a fat mouse; it's a fantastic book).

Here are two books that I found on amazon that you should add to your library pronto. Like the yesterday kind of fast. They're so good, so worth the read, and so worth driving down to the shore for.

The Year We Fell Down by Sabrina Bowen
(the book is now back to $2.99. still worth it, y'all!)

I have a weakness for hockey reads. I like the players. I like the sport. In this book, the dude and the chick are hockey players. They're brought together by circumstances that were unforeseeable, but ultimately allowed them each to grow as people. 
Kind of find who you are outside of the sport. You're next real self. 
Oh, and the love aspect isn't that bad...not bad at all. I liked it more than I though I would after the (CUE SPOILERS I SHALL NOT SHARE) stuff happened. 

Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade
(also back to full price- $8.99)

I do so love Southern romances. The charm of big estates. The differing social classes are put front and center. People are always more than who they say they are, which, of course, is just a total blast. Then there is that swweeeet cover. 
If you're in the mood some some twists and turns, a good dose of horses, and a darling girl who has a heart of gold. 

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