Monday, May 7, 2018


So, I've got a crush and it's terrible. I would not recommend it to anyone. Ever. Just stop that crazy train before it reaches the station. Lucky for me, I'm also fantastic at cutting off emotion entirely. That, my lovely followers, is exactly how I've decided to address this terrible, horrendous, no-good situation.

Super healthy, I know. And that's not even grazing the whole horoscope/aries/wow I messed up part of the story. There are things that I'm not putting on the web for the whole wide world to see if they so choose. I've got to keep some of my dignity in tact- or at least maintain the persona that I'm not completely off my rocker.

maintain the persona of, at least

Future reference for self, when an attractive person who've you've been swooning on from afar asks you for your number, just keep it to yourself and build a merry little bubble of not-a-single-strand-of-involvement.

Trust me! Attractive people will compliment you! And then cease to communicate! And you're worth more than the emotional energy that's being drained from your pores! And then you wouldn't have been blind to the whole horoscope/aries/wow I really had a nice time but was too distracted to give that mess the attention it needed!

Anywhooooooo...I'm good, y'all. Really.

What does this have to do with country music and boredom? you may ask. That is truly a fantastic, investigative question. It will really get you to the root of the problem. Well, it's not a problem. Not exactly.

You see, I've know about four people who like and admit to listening to country music in my almost twenty years of life. One of those people is myself, and another person is someone who I convinced to listen to country music. Well, I only sort of helped with her. She's also in it for Luke Bryan's ass, but that's a different situation all together.

THIS BOY (who i refuse to call a man right now because i'm feeling salty) LIKES COUNTRY MUSIC. WOAH. WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT.

In my boredom today I pulled up the Hot Country playlist on Spotify (as one does when one has literally listened to the same five Junglepussy songs on repeat for over a week now) and began to jam. And I should really type that as JAM and not jam. The former really exudes that happened more accurately.

Maybe I should let y'all know this now: I haven't listened to country in a reeeeeally hot minute. And by that I mean maybe a year and a half, or when in a car with no control over the radio (which is a rare occurrence, mind you).  Naturally, I was confused.

What was going on? Where was this coming from? Why am I suddenly in the mood for twangs and guitar strumming? THEN IT HIT ME.

I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. THAT'S RIGHT. THIS BOY. Gosh dang it, y'all. I really thought I was good. I obviously need to brush up on my getting over feelings mode again. Anyways, here I am, sipping coffee and eating muffins and listening to an abnormal about of crooning over, like, actual romance and relationships in the middle of no where and beer and trucks??? I really don't want to think about how I got here. But, here I am.

wow so aesthetic

I even found some songs that I added to my playlist. Which, of course, I'm doing the huge favor of sharing with you lovely folks.

Great. Now, I hope you fall down the rabbit hole of Dustin Lynch and Sugarland and Lady Antebellum the way that I have.  Looooord have mercy, y'all. Pray for me. I suppose you're wondering what else is in those seemingly random photos through this beauty of a post. Well! They're not as random as you! Think!

I'm serious. There's the muffin I'm munching on, the coffee I'm sipping, and the laptop that brings you my words. I'm working on my photography and editing skills. This seemed like an opportune time to showcase them. They're improving! I think.

Y'all can be the judge of that.

Okay, that's all the story I have today. This was brought to you by one college student who is done with finals and ready for someone to pay her to manage their social media accounts and make cute edits for them. I also do editing! And such.

Okay now that's really all I've got.

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