Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Bibliophile's Ramblings

I invented it! Not the original idea of course, but the A Bibliophile's Ramblings headline and the whole...well...rambling-ness to it. In this segment of my blogtastic career, I will talk about whatever I want. So ha! It could be music, books, life, gummy bears, unicorns, annoying people, why I disapprove of writing on books..or highlighting...or dog earing pages *shudders*.  For all you know, I could talk about the candy I didn't get this week. Or I could throw in an awesome giveaway because I feel like it. Whatever I ramble about, it's my opinion. *shrugs* So now the question is, my dear reader, to read or not to read?

So this is mostly a welcome to my brain post. So. Welcome. Don't be scared...I have candy. Wow. That was way creepier than I meant for it to be. Hola. I guess y'all are here to stay, huh? I think I'll just give you the run down of me.

Some random facts:

  • I have bad experiences with ramps. Don't ever slide down one with that stuff on it that makes you not fall. It feels like glass. Do. Not. Slide. Down. RESIST THE URGE! What? I was like 7.
  • I have two doggies and two kitties. The cats want to kill each other. We keep them on separate sides of the house.Meow. Hiss. Hiss.
  • My computer is dying a painful death. Then he revives. Then he dies. Again. 
  • One day I am going to backpack through Europe. I think I'll just wait in a cute little coffee shop..or book shop waiting for my Anna and the French Kiss moment. Mmmm. I love coffee.
  • There is a very good chance that I am book obsessed. Not a certain thing of course. There have been no studies...though I am almost 99.9% positive that scientists will want my brain to study. 
  •  Music is like a second language for me. Actually more like 2.5, right after books. Then of course, food after that.
  • I love pot roast. And fettuccine alfredo, and chicken fried steak (or anything fried (GO TX STATE FAIR! FRIED PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE!!))
  • We are currently housing a small white fluff ball. He has wayyy too much energy for this household. 
  • I have Vocal Cord Dysfunction. Never heard of it? Not surprised. It's actually pretty common. Basically whenever I'm stressed or working out my vocal folds decide to stay together cuz they're freaking out. It causes me to not be able to breathe in. Yay. At least I can't die from it- only pass out. Fuuuun.
  • Spanish is not my friend. Conjugation. And verbs. In Spanish? Oh goodness. Fabulous.
  • Dr. Pepper will one day rule the world along side robots. The RoboPepper Invasion of 2014. Don't doubt me.
  • @NoBentSpines
  • My big dog (his name's Icky, by the way) runs in his sleep
  • I hope (right now) to one day work in PR. Mwahaha. 
  • I really would like to hit 100 Followers. TeeHeeHee
  • The prospect of flying monkeys scare the crap out of me. Dude, they look like they're out to suck out your soul. And houses falling on people. I'll pass.
  • I will never go skydiving. Ever. Fear of heights.
     So, hello, jello, mellow....fello, Hey. Wassup dude. Thanks for joining the ramble.


  1. Backpacking through Europe is one of my dreams too. It sounds like crazy fun!

    1. Great minds think alike! My mom traveled the world when she was in jealous(: