Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Birthday to Meee

Hi guys,

So guess what? ITS MY BIRTHDAY! Finally...I've been waiting a whole year *exasperated sigh* EEEPSSSS(: I love my birthday! Mi madre makes Oreo Cheesecake every year for it and all my friends are going to come over to mi casa next week and we're going to tie dye shirts and watch movie. Oooh I am soo excited! Can you tell??

I've seen SO MANY bloggers do giveaways for others for their birthday...where's the fun in that? It's my birthday, why am I giving you gifts? Is this the day YOU entered the world in a cold hospital in a slightly traumatic way that you really don't remember but feel you should since it WAS such a dignifying moment in your life? No.  That was me.  I'm just selfish that way *shrugs*

Just so you get an idea of how critically insane I am, I am going to give you a sneak preview into my life..well this week anyways.

1. There are bows from presents on my book case
2. I have every birthday card (or any card) I've ever gotten in a drawer since I was six
3. I've sent my mother 4 emails of stuff I want (mostly books)
4. I've been humming (and occasionally singing) happy birthday to myself all week
5. I actually hugged  my friend after giving me three Twix bars. I don't hug ANYONE
6. I've been listening to happy birthday in french, latin and spanish

I think I should be receiving books. It is my birthday after all. Kindle edition, por favor. You can just send them to nobentspines(at)gmail(dot)com

My Wish List

Pushing the Limits
Going Too Far
The Vicious Deep
Leaving Paradise
A Midsummer's Nightmare
For Darkness Shows the Stars
Daughter of the Centaurs
The Time Between Us
Where I Belong
Kiss Crush Collide
Shut Out

Any of these would be wonderful :D If you need anymore inspiration, here is my GR account to read list. Oh, you are welcome! Oh and thanks for the books, doll :3



  1. Happy Birthday!!

    I use to keep my birthday cards as well. Most f my childhood ones are in scrapbooks and I use to keep keeping them but then awhile back I kind of got tired of keeping all my cards--birthdays and other holidays--so I just stopped.

    Hope you have a GREAT day and get lots of books!

    Happy Birthday!! (because it cannot be said enough on your special day!)

    1. Awhhh(: thank you! So I'm not the only one who keeps all my cards...yay(: have an amazing day!!