Sunday, June 9, 2013

Interview: Catherine Banks

"I'm just your average nerdy bibliophile. I love books, video games, music and movies. In 2010 I self-published my first novel and now I have several titles under construction. I love fantasy and have an extreme love for werewolves. I spend my days off work writing one of my novels or with my husband, daughter, 3 dogs, horse and cat. I love writing stories and they seem to flow out of me constantly. I just want people to read my stories and enjoy them."- C. Banks

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Picture a lovely, homey little cottage near the edge of a beautiful evergreen forest. On the porch are two people drinking tea and preparing for an interview. Read below to see the questions and answers.

1. So werewolves huh? What made you come up with the idea for this book?

I originally wrote this book when I was in high school, which was when the Anne Rice books were very popular. At that time there were very few werewolf books and since they were one of my favorite preternatural creatures I decided to focus my writings on them so that young adult readers could have a werewolf series to read. I love the way wolves interact and loved the idea of werewolf packs and how they would interact with each other in the human world. I had no idea that werewolves would explode into such a huge trend.

2. I looove the relationship the pack has. The whole puppy play and sleeping together is super cute. Are you as close as the pack is with your family?
Yes, my husband, son, daughter and I are very close and spend a lot of time playing and cuddling together.

3. How long did it take you to write the book(s)?

It took me about a year total to write each book when you combine writing and then editing. Originally, in high school, I had written all of the books together as one giant book, but when I decided to self-publish them I decided to split them up into different books and I changed several things about the books so it took me a while to reconstruct them. I am still working on the 4th and final book, Taming Darkness now.

4. There were a lot of different species in this book and they were just introduced as you went along. Did you mean for this to happen or was it planned?

Yup, I meant for it to happen. I wanted to show that all species were in the world and give glimpses into how I viewed the different preternaturals, but I did not want to dump all of them on the readers at once.

Speed Round
-chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla ice cream. Chocolate shakes.
-outside or inside? Outside.
-arcade or mini golf? Arcade! I love <3 video games!
-fav book? I have too many favorite books to have just one! Favorite book to movie would be Princess Bride!


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