Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to School and How it's taken a toll on my obsession

Hello lovelies! Well, it's official. I've been back to school for a bit now. Before I get into how school is effecting my presence in the blogosphere, I'll tell y'all what's going on in high school.

My classes are a collection of PAP and AP classes, so far I regret nothing. Please take notice I've said so far. On the very first week of school I was weighed down with more homework than I thought was humanly possible. I mean, I had my first quiz on Wednesday and my first test on Friday. WHAT IS THIS TREACHERY??? At least they weren't in my AP classes. I have PAP Physics everyday as well as AP World. Every class except for art has given me homework. Yup. My life.

It's like I never even left.

So far I like most of my teachers. I think there's only one I especially dislike at the moment. Hmm what else...? Oh I have lunch with two of my friends...Good stuff. The other day I just go stalk the shelves of the library. Ahh, the life of a book nerd. *sigh*

Okay, so how is all of this effecting my blogging and reading life? Well, to state the oh so very obvious, I have less time. I mean come on guys, during the summer I was talking to y'all all of the time and commenting like crazy. Now, I'm hardly ever on Twitter and I'm lucky if I comment of 10 blogs a day.

The first week of school, I didn't read a book all that week. I was practically in a literary coma. I'm pretty sure my books were ashamed to have me as their owner.

That being said, I value my blogging time a lot more. I value my reading time way more. Like wayyyyy more. I've also started signing up for more interviews during tours since I just don't have time to read. And I love blitzes. What? Just because I can't review as much doesn't mean I stop all this all together! I mean, this blog is here for a reason. It's here not only to share my opinion and meet fellow bibliophile, but also to help authors get their book out there.

Oh, and happy Labor Day!

So, how has your life been effected by your fall activities?


  1. College just started for me this week and so far, thank goodness, I'm not that busy yet.
    The only time I have to read is when I'm commuting on the train, which is about an hour and a half. Maybe you can do that too? o:
    Good luck on your classes & your blogging time Jackie! (:

    1. Luckyy. I am drowning in homework...which I should really be doing right now but I just don't want to -_- Lol. Thanks for the luck...I'll need it xD