Friday, September 6, 2013

Fangirl Letter to Devri Walls: Because it was needed

This is totally needed. I honestly cannot say I've had a favorite author before this. I didn't even know that it was possible. But you can ask everyone: I consumed this series and I'm pretty sure my soul aches for the fact that Wings of Lomay isn't out yet. Yes, world. My soul. That is how serious my condition is. Because of this obsession, I've decided to make a post dedicated to Devri Walls. Am I on the brink of insanity? I wonder that sometimes, but I guess y'all can decide for yourself.

If you decide to read one series over and over for the rest of your life, make it this one. The characters never get old and each time you read it, it's like the first time. If the world ends tomorrow, I would take this series with me into the dark. 

So world, here is my fan letter to my favorite author:

Dear Ms. Walls,

I would just like to thank you for being awesome. Thank you for writing a world that is beyond this one with magic and really hot guys and shapshifers who are made of awesome. Thank you for deciding to write down your thoughts and made this seemingly make-believe world a reality. Thanks for snazzy dragons and an uber cool Pegasus. 

I love the world you created. I really, really do. I can't put into word how much I adore your books. They got me through a lot. When I first picked up the freebie on my Kindle, I was expecting something to pass the time but I got so much more. I got an escape. I got adventure and love and discovery. I got heartbreak and new friends. In books I find pieces of myself. It feels like, in your books there were ginormous chunks that I would have never discovered otherwise.

The characters are so real that I swear I can feel them when I'm reading. It's like I'm with them the entire time they're on their journey. I can feel the emotions and see the mist. I love how you made Kiora so strong but not blow-off-I'm-better-than-you-strong but I'm-still-finding-myself-and-I-need-your-help strong. It was the perfect balance of realistic emotions and thoughts and an amazing high fantasy setting that made you wanted it to be real so freaking bad. I feel like I'm flying and drowning and running when I read this.  I fell in love with this world and I never wanted to leave. 

I can't wait to see what's going to happen in WINGS OF LOMAY. You could say I'm obsessed, I prefer devoted. 

So thanks. For being you.

Best wishes,


Since I love you all and I wish to save y'all the agony of having to go on Goodreads / Amazon I'll leave all the links here with you. Because I'm just that nice. You're welcome :D

Solus Series GR
Solus Series AMAZON

Have Faith in Me: A Day to Remember

Go forth and read. I beg of you.

Happy reading,



  1. Oooh, this one looks like an interesting series, and I've never heard of it before! Thanks for sharing the links, I just added them to my TBR pile.

    Laureen @ Ms. Bibliophile.

    1. I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! Yay(:
      Happy reading