Sunday, March 2, 2014

I Need to Rant: Let's Talk Stress

This post is going to be a verbal throw up on a blog post, for all those who enter: beware and read at your own risk. 

So let's talk school and high school and what in the world am I doing with my life. There are things and then there are things and I am really not sure which category I go in anymore. I used to be in the smart people and I guess I am smarter than the there really a norm? Anyways, I'm wondering where I fit in. And people, society, y'all, why in the world am I supposed to know what I am going to do after high school now? I mean I know what I like: art, English, music, words, books, pillows, the internet. I mean who doesn't like these things? Do you not like to draw? Do you not like to listen to music? Do you not like to sleep?

Also, I like food. Why can't I just get paid to travel the wold and read and blog and eat interesting food and meet interesting people? IS THAT REALLY SO MUCH TO ASK??

On a separate note, I know I say that I want to be a publisher or social media or PR person at a publishing agency (Like Entangled, or Harper or Harlequin) but I also want to study graphic design and A LOT of other stuff and I can't help to just want to go "oh well, everything will work itself out. I'll just sit here and sleep until all that happens." but then there's the part of me that's like YOU HAVE TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN. And I'm just sitting here going I DON'T WANNA GROW UP!

So, everyone, growing up is a trap. Don't do it. Or postpone it as long as possible. I mean, college (for me at least) is just around the corner and there's only two colleges that I'm really looking at. Sure, I'm stalking a few more than two, but for my main interests, I think these will work.

Back to complaining: blogging. I think a lot of people don't understand how much time this thing takes. I read, which I would already do, but I read more. More. I read a lot before but now I read like a chipmunk of steroids. And then I review the majority of it. Sometimes, when I do get around to reading a book for fun, I am just so tired and I don't feel like reviewing. I just don't. And then there's book looks and WoWs and TTTs (and those take a hellofa lot of time).  I am losing my mind. It's just peachy.

And then there's school work. And this year-long project and, in the end, I am just so tired y'all. All I want is a huge glass of ice tea, some peanut butter cookies and some sleep. Make that a whole lotta sleep. Also a massage. Thank the lord that spring break is just around the corner. I swear y'all, a nap is all I want. And some answers.

Anyone have those? Can I have a life coach? I think one of those guys would do me good.

How do y'all deal with stress and life being a big ol' meanie head? Yoga? I hear that helps. Tea? I drink that by the ton. How about books? Music? Pick your poison and tell me all about it in the comments? 


  1. I completely agree with you! Figuring out what you're doing after high school is the most stressful thing of all time. We still have more than half a year before we actually go to collage or university and we're already panicking. It sucks big time.
    This may sound weird, but i dead with stress by making lists. I make a giant list of things I have to do and then I do my best to complete the whole thing without adding anything on. This kind of helps me finish of everything fast and in order so I get less stressed out.
    And I drink tea while doing it :)
    I hope everything turns out perfectly for you, and you find a way to deal with the stress.
    Good luck :)

    1. I have a little more than half a year! Making lists? I will totally have to try that and I already drink tea by the gallon. Thanks for the suggestions :D