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Review: Tangled Webs by Lee Bross

Tangled Webs by Lee Bross
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Published by Disney Hyperion: June 23, 2015
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London, 1725. Everybody has a secret. Lady A will keep yours—for a price. This sumptuous, scandalous YA novel is wickedly addictive.

Lady A is the most notorious blackmailer in the city. With just a mask and a gown to disguise her, she sweeps into lavish balls and exclusive events collecting the most valuable currency in 1725 London—secrets.

But leading a double life isn't easy. By day Lady A is just a sixteen-year-old girl named Arista who lives in fear of her abusive master, Bones, and passes herself off as a boy to move safely through the squalor of London's slums. When Bones attempts to dispose of his pawn forever, Arista is rescued by the last person she expects: Jonathan Wild, the infamous Thief Taker General who moves seamlessly between the city's criminal underworld and its most elite upper circles. Arista partners with Wild on her own terms in the hopes of saving enough money to buy passage out of London.

Everything changes when she meets Graeden Sinclair, the son of a wealthy merchant. Grae has traveled the world, has seen the exotic lands Arista has longed to escape to her whole life, and he loves Arista for who she is—not for what she can do for him. Being with Grae gives something Arista something precious that she swore off long ago: hope. He has promised to help Arista escape the life of crime that has claimed her since she was a child. But can you ever truly escape the past?

What do you get when you put unconditional love, the 1700s, and daggers in a bowl of kick butt? You, my lovely readers, get TANGLED WEBS by Lee Bross. Arista is Lady A, a notorious blackmailer from the London underworld. She gives secrets to Bones and in return…I’m not actually sure what she gets in return besides not being dead. The secrets are that of the rich ton. Dressed in back with a mask made of feathers, she wanders the parties of the influential and gets money in exchange for not spilling their darkest secrets. Giving the money to Bones, she gets to stay alive a little longer. Her only friends are her so very, very sweet maid, Becky, and Nic, who tries to be her protector.

Then her home (or prison, really) comes down in flames. Literally. Because of this she takes an offer from Wild. She becomes the Lady A for his deception and in return, unknowingly, he gives her a family and acceptance. He gives her a home.

So! *claps* Let’s talk about the characters. First of (drum roll please) let’s chat about why I like Arista. She’s brave. She doesn’t deviate from who she is; she doesn’t forget that at her core she is human and she is good, despite all the horror surrounding her fight to survive in a world she can’t quite call her own. She works to get out of the life that has been thrown at her, and even when she finds herself stuck and unable to get out without a fight, she then stays in for the good of her friend.

I like Grey because his love is unconditional. Everyone needs a little bit of that, I think. And he definitely has it. But, that’s about all I really know about him. OH—he also has a ship and has been to India. So, I suppose that means that he is adventurous. I don’t know, I like him and his way of loving, but other than that Grey isn’t really a round character. He is still lovely and beautiful, don’t get me wrong. He is also what Arista needs, but there’s not actual depth to his personality. At least, I didn’t think so.

I actually really enjoyed this book. It felt very ‘taking hold of your life’ to me. It also wasn’t super duper in depth where you have to pay attention to every detail. It was pretty short and sweet, with a story line about finding your strength and getting to know you. *shrugs* I also just really like this time period.

So, yes. I would recommend it, as a matter of fact. However, I wouldn’t say grab a copy asap, but more read it when it feels right. Cheesy, right. *chuckles*

How do you feel about characters who can totally kick butt? And about guys who seem to forgive everything?


  1. Lovely review! The blurb sounds so intriguing, and I'm always up for more historical fiction.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed this one! It sounds excellent. Great review!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. Why thank you, Krystianna! I hope you enjoy it :D

  3. Great review, Jackie! This book seems really interesting now. :)

    Kim @ Divergent Gryffindor: BLOG || VLOG
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    1. *chuckles* I hope you like it, if you decide to grab it :D