Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites {08.28.2015}


Well, to give you an update, my first official last first week of high school is OVER at the end of the day. Ah, college is just around the corner. So are exams and applications and housing and bills and LIFE. OH MY GOODNESS.

I'm growing up.

What am I supposed to do with this information? *freaks out*

*chuckles* We'll just focus on the Friday Favorites right now. Sound good?

M U S I C 

I just love music so stinking much. *weeps a little* OKAY. Y'ALL. I HAVE DISCOVERED SOME NEW FOLKS I LOVE. First off, YOU + ME (it's a band and it's perfect) is lovely and you need to listen to ALLL of their songs. I was talking to some lovely people on twitter about them and they all agree with me. They're gorgeous and worthy of a listen. So go listen. My favorite songs are you+me (duh), No Ordinary Love, and Love Gone Wrong


Woman by City and Color
Hide Away by Daya
Can't Feel My Face by The Weekend

F O O D 

Isn't food just, like, the absolute best? I do love it so. So very, very much. It's actually kind of necessary to life. Huh. Who'd a thought. *giggles* 

Okay, so my mommy made this fruit cobbler thing with raspberries and apricots and peaches and sweet lordy, it was pretty dang fantastic. 

B O O K S 

I bought a few books on my Kindle this week. What books, you ask? Well, I bought the entire LOVE ME WITH LIES series by the amazing Tarryn Fisher. I read her book MUD VEID and it seriously SLAYYYED me. Goodness, that book killed me. I'm still a little dead inside. 

I also bought a book I've been looking for a reason to buy: THICKER THAN BLOOD. I was talking to some people who didn't particularly love the dystopian aspect of the novel. Of course, we shall have to wait and see what I think. I'm super dee duper excited. 

B L O G  P O S T S 

OHHHH. I love all you bloggers who are brave enough to share your thoughts. But, these are my favorite of the week. 

SOOOOOO. How did your week go? 

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