Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites

Welcome back to FRIDAY FAVORITES on No Bent Spines. It's a true pleasure having you with me today. How has your day been? Is the sun shining?

M U S I C 

Y'all. Everything by Bon Iver is beautiful. But especially re:stacks and Blood Bank. Especially those. *le sigh*
Also Hozier's Foreigner's God.

B O O K S 

OHMYGOODNESS. So. Sososo. Tor sent me a copy of FORBIDDEN by Cathy Clamp and I really enjoyed it. Although, the cover isn't very me. But it was so action packed and mysterious. (I also *may* have read the ending before hand) BUT SERIOUSLY. GO GET YOURSELF A COPY. (Thank you my lovely folks at Tor Books for being awesome sauce) (You know me better than I know me and I find that delightfully disturbing) (My friend's dog's name is Bitty)

I also bought ART & SOUL by Brittany C. Cherry for my Kindle because it was FREEEEE.

F O O D 

WEEEELLLL. I went out with my co-publisher (and friend) to talk with the people who are going to publish our children's picture book (all earnings are going to the Children's Heart Foundation, email me at nobentspinesATgmailDOTcom to learn more) and IT WAS DIVINE. 

Greek Salad Wrap. Oh yes. Oh yes. Also tea. Me gusta.

B L O G   P O S T 

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