Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mara Dyer. Noah Shaw. And Drowning.

First off, how are you? What are you doing? Flying to the moon? Dreaming of world peace? Conquering the Milky Way Galaxy? At school? I hope it's sunny where you are. Or if you like rain, I hope it's raining. 

The thing I love the most about the MARA DYER series by Michelle Hodkin are the questions. The questions like: who is Mara Dyer-really? What really makes them different? Are they the product of an experiment, or genetically born this way? Also….what exactly do you mean when you say ‘you will love him to ruins?’ What does it mean to be selfish?

It’s no question that I’ve loved this book from UNBECOMING. I mean who wouldn’t love a book with a boy like Noah Shaw and a girl like Mara Dyer in it. Noah heals and Mara kills. They’re the perfect compliment of the other. They’re like dynamite and destruction and have I mentioned this series SLAYS me? Have I? Well it does. The books are so up and down and all across. There’s action and romance and beautiful words. Like, insanely beautiful words. The kind that people want to fall asleep to.

But this book, in all seriousness, touches on something that I think in kind of hard to broach easily. What is it? I actually don’t really know how to put it into words. But what I am talking about is what we as humans are willing to turn a blind eye to. Things that, in the end, probably will better society but hurt those who it will immediate impact. Like experimentation. Like the depths of the human minds and all of it’s black holes and nightmare-ish experiences. Like the past and how for some reason some people think that turning a blind eye to it will cease it from reoccurring. (it won’t)

Not only are totally valid questions brought up in the MARA DYER trilogy, but it’s got all these paranormal aspects with a hint of humor and a super-dee-duper awesome romance. I mean, y’all, Mara and Noah are just everything. Light and dark. They’re in total opposition but they bring out the best and the worst and they just totally work. They work in a way that is so believable. None of the love at first sight crap or let’s get married in Las Vegas stuff. Their relationship is so believable. (his computer password made me awh)

I think that although the trilogy is steeped in paranormal aspects, it also touches on what happens to the people in the world that society rejects. Maybe I’m flinging far-fetched ideas into an oblivion. But here is the thing. With the whole human aspect (love and falling and everything in between) I think that Hodkin is able to grasp the importance of people having people and trusting and having someone to trust.

So there you have Mara Dyer and some Noah Elliot Simon Shaw. So what about drowning? There is this quote in the last book that is as tragic as it is beautiful. And it makes me want to be in love as much as I desire to be independent. The quote is: like you’re the ocean and he’s desperate to drown. I think my reaction would mirror Mara’s if I were encountered with the situation. She’s shocked and scared and the fear isn’t for herself but for Noah. And what he’s feeling and the vastness and deepness of it all.

So what does that have to do with the world? I think that this book depicts that without Mara there would be no Noah. And without Noah there would be no Mara. And as much as I love that, I don’t think I would ever want to be like that. I find it utterly romantic, but it also makes me feel like there’s someone handcuffing me to them. And, hello? I like my privacy. What do you think? It loving someone to ruins like drowning or is it like a life raft?

*the picture at the top (below the words) is not of my own taking. via Michelle Hodkin's Tumblr

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