Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Signing in Houston with Julie Kagawa and Aimee Carter

So this week was kinda crazy. There is the reason for lack of posting and commenting and such. I'm wayyy behind. I only have like 4 posts scheduled. Oh my. This week is going to be insane with all my crazy post writing and review writing and and and. Yup. I'm going to explode.

So this week I went to a book signing in Houston my friend Emma. Who was there you ask? Julie Kagawa and Aimee Carter. In case you live under a rock Julie Kagawa is the author of the Iron Fey Series, Immortal Rules series, The Lost Prince series. Aimee Carter is the author of the Goddess Test series. Yes. I really hope you don't live under a rock.

So the goodies you ask? Why, here they are!

Pictured above:

Ink bookmark
Twixt bookmark
#YeahYA Peppermint chapstick
Cupcake notepad
#YeahYA Bookmark

Not Pictured: 

Harlequin Teen Book Tote
Iron Queen Pin

Here are the books....and I got one ARC that I am insanely excited to read......

Pictured Above:

The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa
The Iron Traitor ARC by Julie Kagawa : To be published November 2013
The Iron Legends by Julie Kagawa

Pictured above: 

Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter
The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

So questions are answered at book events.

Aimee and Julie told us their trials as they became authors. In high school, Aimee wrote over 3 million words of Harry Potter fan fic. She said that that was some of the most honest critiques that she had ever had and probably ever will. Apperntly fan will tell you straight up if they love it or hate it. They'll even question (to your digital face) why you are writing. Harsh. When her dad finally read the Goddess Test, he told her that was The One. The one that was gonna make her a published author. He bought her flowers and one of those cute butterfly things. How cute!
And apparently "editing never ends"

And yes, I asked her a question. I asked her which character she felt most connected to. She said she feels, as odd as it may be, most connected to Henry.Henry is also Hades, God of the Underworld. Who by the way, is one of my favorite character in all Greek Mythology.

When another person asked if she did any research for her book, she jokingly said she did all her research when she was three. Apparently she's always been a fan of Greek myths.

Her new series, The Blackcoat Rebellion, will be published November 26, 2013.

Julie Kagawa is a tiny bit evil. Wanting to end the Iron Fey series at book three? Uhm, sister, that's a no no.
Julie: chucking at the thought of making people cry
She is totally funny though! Laughing at saying 'uhm hi' to people who should at least be given a hello. Julie said she feels like there's "a little bit of myself in all the characters"

She also recommended The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. 

Oh. And here are some pictures of me and the authors. Ugh. I look horrible. Definitely now my best day.

I felt tall. And frizzy. And lack of makeup.
But hey! Look! Authors! Yay!



  1. AH JACKIE! I went and met them last night!!! I asked a question too so I got the Harlequin bag! But for some reason they didn't have them there, so I had to leave my email and I'm guessing they'll get with me somehow. Because OMG Iron Traitor is in there!!! Julie already said we were going to be mad at her at the end. I'm freaking out right now!!!!!

    1. I'm so scared to read it!!! O_O Aren't they amazing?! (: Hey, maybe you'll get more swag since they didn't have them there...how coll would that be?!

  2. Omg you look so cute and so tall! I met Julie at BEA during the Harlequin Breakfast and she was such a sweetheart! She signed a bunch of our books even if she only had a few mins and was really just great to chat with!!

    1. *blushes* Thanks(:
      Julie was sooo nice! Though she does rather like tragic endings, and I don't know about you, but I like my heas xD
      Happy reading !!!