Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Lovin Bingo Post

Wow, I didn't realize how many things I'd completed until I looked at the Bingo board. Okay, for all the hosts, I visit y'all daily and comment on the posts y'all put up. So, there's that. I finished Crow's Row. Mini Rant: The ending. Are you trying to kill me? That's just mean mean mean mean. I do not appreciate a cliff hanger! Especially when the next book isn't even out yet! -_- Not amused. I cried. Do I cry often? No, no I do not.

On my original Summer Lovin Post is my Challenges and all that ladeedah: Summer Lovin Day 1
And the participation posts...yeah..my goal is to do all of them :3 (Mwahaha) Find them HERE
Oh and my favorite snacks for reading? Here are some pictures and explanations.
 Have you ever had Pirate's Booty? No? Go buy some now. It is so freaking addicting. And it's not that messy!!! Yay(: No crumbs on my Kindle(: SCORE!!
 This is Aloe and Mango and it is perfection. Purrfection. You think I'm joking? Go try some now. You will never turn back.
My friend Ivy got this for my birthday. She knows me so well. I can very well say this is the best coffee I've ever had. Ever. It's amazing. Mmm.

Okay as for the reading a blog post, I've been trying to read 10 new blogs a day and I've been commenting on them (go me!!)

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