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Interview with Authors of Dance in Shadow and Whisper + Giveaway!

Published June 19th 2013
 Kali unexpectedly discovers on her first day of human high school that she’s forbidden to eat or partake of the toilet during class time, the assigned history and species books look best on the shelves of popular fiction, and the boy she’s watching over is definitely a reincarnated war lord.

The highest powers of Kali’s people and the highest powers of Yuuhi’s people, irreconcilable enemies, designated them to find proof that Jason is, in fact, the reincarnated Ares.

All Yuuhi sees in Jason is the typical scrawny, socially inept emo kid dressed in conflicting shades of black. But Kali sees that Jason’s shadow is bigger than he is, and if the powers of Yuuhi’s people find out, Jason won’t be human much longer.

The desire to protect him from an unexpected visitor brings out her most dangerous sides. Something’s changing in her, something she can’t control, and she’s not afraid of Jason mutating into a creature of the shadows more than she’s afraid she’s becoming something even worse.

And the highest powers will be watching her.


 Sarah, Victoria and I sat down at a lovely cafe in Paris, France,  Au 140 ,for a croissant and a coffee. We exchanged our greeting and then let the interview begin:

Me: What instrument, if any, do you play?
Sarah: My nose, and not very well. I used to play the flute, but, boy, was that one heck of a mistake. I love music, and I love music more when I’m not the one making it.

Victoria: No one should ever ask me to play any instrument.

Me: If you were stuck on a deserted island, would you rather have with you a book, a banjo, a pineapple or a cinnamon scented candle with you? How would you use it?
Sarah: Cinnamon either repels or attracts bugs…Huh, I can’t remember. But can you imagine the bugs on a deserted island? I’d probably get eaten alive, so I’ll have to go with book – I can at least crush bugs at night when I can’t read.

Victoria: Probably the cinnamon candle, so that when things got really weird, I could hallucinate and try to eat it. Plus, I freaking love that smell.

Sarah: I have no idea why she would want to hallucinate and eat a candle. Kinda weird.

Me: How did the idea of Dance in Shadow and Whisper come to be?
Sarah: It came to me in a dramatic flash of light—okay, not really. I had been sitting in my high school English class, trying with all my might not to pay attention, when I decided I wanted to mix the lore of fantasy with a modern day city and an emo boy and a sheltered girl and make them really uncomfortable. I suppose the conception is a tiny bit unromantic.

Victoria: DiSaW is Sarah’s, I’m just along for the ride—for now.

Sarah: Oh yes, for now.

Me: What is a book that you secretly adore?
Sarah: “Divergent” by Veronica Roth is the book I adore most because it arrived in my hands when I had decided to quit trying to be a writer. Reading this book told me I’d better reconsider that decision.

Victoria: Textbooks. You’re not supposed to like textbooks, are you? I love the heck out of those guys.

Me: What is one book that for you, just didn't live up to the hype?
Sarah: This is a difficult question, because after “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent”, all I ever wanted to read was their brilliance reincarnated, so when books were recommended to me as “Just like THG!”, I was always let down!

Victoria: This is going to be strange, but when I was in elementary school and borrowed the actual “101 Dalmatians” by Jodie Smith from the library, I was really confused by how un-Disney-like it was.

Me: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do?
Sarah: I’ve wanted to travel the old Silk Trade Route and hit all the ancient cities and temples. How awesome would that be?
 Victoria: I would go to Venice and I would go for el Carnivale, because those masks. Those costumes.

Speed Round:

Chocolate or Strawberry?
Sarah: Oh man. Chocolate.
Victoria: Chocolate

Pencil or Pen?
Sarah: Pencil 100%
Victoria: Pen

Night or Day?
Sarah: Photosynthesis.
Victoria: Night

Outside or inside?
Sarah: Outside. (Nothing like the smoggy California air. Mmm.)
Victoria: Outside
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That's when are food arrived and we were all distracted by the yummy, flaky, bready goodness. 

Thanks so much for the interview!


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